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Providing Accounting and Managment services for Condominium and Home Owner Association in the Tampay Bay Area for over 25 years.
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To obtain more information on how we can assist in your associations needs please contact us. A team member will get back with you to answer any questions, concerns or with the information requested.

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Receive and record all incoming funds.
Prepare and forward delinquent notices.
Invoice approval and processing of accounts payable.
Preparation of monthly and annual financial reports.
Annual tax preparation.
Assistance in reserve fund planning and implementation.
Preparation of annual budget for Board of Directors review and approval.
Legal and Collection Services


Preparation and distribution of all notices and correspondence.
Maintain unit owner with address of record roster.
Assist the Board of Directors in the enforcement of Association Declaration.
Provide liaison with Association's attorney, engineers and other professionals.
Attend Association meetings to provide manager reports and assistance.
Act as a conduit between the Board of Directors and unit owners.
Annual review of Association insurance portfolio for adequacy and competitiveness.


Provide for regular site visits and property inspections.
Receive service requests and provide prompt corrective action, including 24/7 emergency response.
Assist the Board of Directors in the development of a comprehensive maintenance plan.
Interview, train and supervise on-site office and/or maintenance personnel.
Provide part time/emergency maintenance, janitorial and pool service staff.
Develop job specifications, receive bids and supervise independent contractors as required.
Administer and coordinate insurance claim repairs.


A customized portfolio of services can be tailored to meet your Association's specific needs addressing both the type and frequency of services required. This can result in greater efficiency resulting in significant cost savings to the Association.

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